10 Stunning Gal Gadot Hair Ideas

Gal proves that ponytails can be equally charming on women, embracing a youthful and chic look with this classic hairstyle.

1. Ponytail is not just for little girls

With short and wavy locks, Gal radiates freshness and vibrancy, making this hairstyle an excellent choice for a modern and stylish look.

2. Short wavy hair looks fresh

One of our favorite Gal Gadot hairstyles, the medium wavy hair with light brown highlights adds a touch of cuteness to her tresses.

3. Medium wavy hair with highlights

Her long wavy locks frame her face with sweetness, making this shoulder-length style a timeless and elegant choice.

4. Shoulder-length wavy hair

In her beauty pageant days, Gal opted for a wet and curly hairstyle, showcasing a different side to her beauty.

5. Keeping it curly for Israel

Gal keeps it clean and playful with this updo hair bun, proving that simplicity can be stunning.

6. Hair bun can be so fun

As the iconic Wonder Woman, Gal dons the most powerful hairstyle, exuding strength and grace.

7. Wonder Woman Hairstyle

Surprisingly, Gal  rocks a long mullet, showing us that she can effortlessly pull off even the most daring haircuts.

8. Long Mullet

This slicked-back style complements her smokey eyes perfectly, creating a cool and sophisticated look.

9. Slick back hairdo

While Gal often keeps her hair on one side, her middle-parted haircut with curtain bangs looks equally charming, accentuating her cute and elegant appearance.

10. Curtain bangs are not bad