10 Exclusive Men's Celebrity Hairstyles

Liam Hemsworth's dramatic quiff is a painstakingly styled look that creates maximum impact.

1. Liam Hemsworth's Dapper Quiff

Sophisticated and refined, Henry Cavill's gentleman's brush up is a swooping style that exudes class.

2. Henry Cavill's Gentleman's Brush Up

Colin Farrell rocks a high-volume slicked-back look that is both dramatic and eye-catching.

3. Colin Farrell's Slicked Back

Ryan Gosling's simple brush-up hairstyle exudes low-key style and effortlessly blends into any wardrobe, making it the perfect choice for those who like to look put together.

4. Ryan Gosling's Brush Up

Embracing his natural texture, Drake's short afro showcases his signature curly style, harking back to his early days in the business.

5. Drake's Short Afro

Drawing inspiration from Elvis's classic pompadour and the greaser looks of the fifties, Orlando Bloom's high-shine quiff/pompadour hybrid is a dapper style that catches attention.

6. Orlando Bloom's Vintage Quiff Hairstyle

Sam Claflin's messy curly style offers a perfect balance between elegance and length.

7. Sam Claflin's Messy Curly Style

Stephen Amell's tapered hairstyle features a mild widow's peak, giving it a mountain peak-like appearance.

8. Stephen Amell's Tapered Hairstyle:

Ashton Kutcher breaks the mold with a fearless choice: the mop-top-esque hairstyle with combed-down bangs.

9. Ashton Kutcher's Mop Top Hairstyle

Matt Bomer's beach-inspired wavy quiff adds serious height and volume to thick hair.

10. Matt Bomer's Wavy Quiff